Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Plans foiled. Sorrow started overwhelming.

The gloomy day got darker when the dark cloud filled the sky. Cold wind blew, sweeping through the streets and I can feel the chill right in my bones. It rained eventually. I stayed at home, on the balcony, overlooking the pouring rain. The day was dark, as if it was reaching nightfall and the rain was heavy, and it proved no signs of slowing down, let alone ceasing its rush. I was still on the same spot, on the same balcony, overlooking the rain, reflecting on myself. It was noisy, yes. But the resonance helped concealing the gloomy thinking space. One thing occurred from the long thought, I never realize when the rain would stop. It just did, it stopped. I waited there until the clouds bestowed its last drop of water. I looked up, the sun started to shine from behind the cloud. The air is still cold, but this time, it was different. It brought with it a warm feel of welcome, greeting into the washed Earth. I felt invigorated, alive. And the nothing could beat the smell of the city after a cloudburst.


I was having mood-swing just moments ago, and now I feel like I could smile to anyone who looked in my way. I guess a little rain won’t hurt.

It heals.

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