Thursday, January 1, 2009


The weather’s not so good right now. The sky is dark and the air is quite chilly. I recon a downpour is scheduled any time soon. Everything is pretty moody at this very moment. Even the song that’s playing in my ears now is slow. I’m not sure if things are as bad as I thought they are. For what I know and I can feel, I’m not gonna laugh at any jokes right now. I’m not in a good mood.

I don’t remember life to be this complicated. So many problems, so many emotions, feelings and mood swings. Also, I don’t know this many people as I have known before. I guess that’s what contributes to what I’m going thru right now; too many thoughts and attitudes to go with. Some of which are pretty stupid and irrelevant. Annoying, that’s the word. They think they’re the only ones being in the big wheel, going up and down. Think they’re the only ones with problems to crack.

For God’s sake, get a hold of yourself, man. Geez, they always have to make sitcoms look like a drama (a stupid one, to say). These people always have to ruin the day. When their mood is off, they won’t talk, they walk in slow-mo, they go boring and stare into the thin air as if they trying to bend a spoon or something. Then, when they came into the picture, the whole room will heat up. I don’t like that kinda heat. When you talk to them, yes, they answered, but at the lowest of volume. God, I hate that. Makes me sick.

Sure, I have my times. But you don’t have to drag it along the whole day. A few hours are okay. I can understand that, but longer than that, how about a kick in the face, huh? If you have to bring home the long face, when you’re asked what happen, please, just talk. Staying silent? Alright, I won’t give a damn. You don’t have to act blue and try to show the whole world you’re having a crisis. Or else, isolate yourself. That’s what I always do. Trust me, people will want to help. Unless you’re trying to look depressed, fuck off. You just annoy them.

Grow up, dirt bag.

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